GVSC Participant/Volunteer Package 2018-2019

Participant 1.jpg

Participant: Free

  • Participants will have access to all open weekly programs and special events
  • Access to our monthly e-newsletter “From G to C… What’s H@ppening Next?!”
  • Paid entrance into each of our annual special events
Volunteer Pic (1).jpg

Volunteer: Free (Application Only)

Up to 10 packages will be made available per quarter. Volunteers will receive the following:

  • Based on volunteer service minimally at 1 major GVSC annual event and 3 weekly programs per quarter
  • Complimentary Limited Basic Membership Package (excludes welcome gift, local community partner benefits, and attendance at GVSC Annual Meeting)
  • Guest access to attend “Member-Only” invitational events

For more details about our Membership Packages please see click here.